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Robin Hood (2018)

Duration1h 56m
RatingsUK: 12A, USA: PG-13, Spain: 12 
Source of storyA riff on the Robin Hood story, with additional Saracen, first seen in a British TV show apparently.
DirectorOtto Bathurst
Writers/ScriptBen Chandler, David James Kelly
StarringTaron Egerton, Jamie Foxx, Ben Mendelsohn, Eve Hewson, Jamie Dornan, Tim Minchin, Paul Anderson, F. Murray Abraham.
RatingsIMDb: 5.3/10 by 73,559 people.  Rotten Tomatoes: 15% by 167 reviewers. Review2view: 3/10. 

Summary: In this reality the Third Crusade is a ploy by the Catholic church to destroy the English monarchy, which is also funding the Muslim side. In Nottingham the commoners have been expelled from the city to live in the slums on the other side of the river, longbows are used like firearms and on the other side there are crossbows which fire bolts like machine guns. The soldiery in Nottingham have full face protection and shields with viewing slots. Robin of Loxley has been sent to the crusade by the Sherriff so that he can be declared dead and his lands appropriated. On his return, with a friendly Saracen in tow, Robin becomes a shadowy masked robber, while being a socialite in the Sherriff’s court. Marion, his former girlfriend has taken up with a rebel leader, but eventually Robin reveals himself to the populace and becomes their hero. How will it all work out?

Content: No sex or nudity and I did not notice any drinking. The film predates the arrival of tobacco. Robin takes part in a commando raid in Jerusalem, and his attempts to save a Muslim boy from execution makes the father into his right hand man. Back in the ruins of his castle the Saracen, Yahya, trains him to be a better bowman. Robin carries out a lot of robberies becoming a mysterious hero. There are one or two spectacular horse and cart chases. In some scenes there are fires, explosions Molotov cocktails. The evil sheriff and the even more evil cardinal make their plans.

A View: This could be one of those films which looked good on paper. It was possible to see how every scene had been constructed, or lifted from somewhere else. There were bits of special forces raids, the toughing up scenes from Rocky, the disguise and socialite scenes from Batman, some scenery from Blade Runner 2049 and, for heaven’s sake, the chariot race from Ben-Hur.  It cost a lot and lost a lot and an intended sequel has not surfaced. The critics were suitably scathing, suggesting that those of us who have watched it have been robbed of two hours of our lives. So, even if you liked any of the other Robin Hood outings, don’t bother with this one.

Jamie Foxx has an impressive filmography and is often worth watching. Here are three of his more worthwhile outings reviewed on this site: Django Unchained, Jarhead and Collateral.

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