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My Favourite Films of 2019

FILM POSTER REMARKS Once Upon a Time in Hollywood I, like many others, am just a bit of a Tarantino fan. I have not liked everything he has done, but this film contains all he does best. My wife and I might have been just a bit influenced by the cinema; an open air screen … Continue reading


Of the 39 films I saw in 2018 these are my ten favourites. No 1. Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle This is the second time I have included a list of my favourite films, and surprisingly top is Jumanji. This was a genuine pleasure having gone to see it without any real expectation of enjoying … Continue reading

My 10 Favourite Films of 2017

Below is a list of the films I liked best of the 38 I saw in the cinema in 2017: Dunkirk In the summer of 1940 the British expeditionary force is boxed in on the beach at Dunkirk by a superior German army. There are a limited number of military vessels available to evacuate them … Continue reading

Invasion of Earth Movies

This is a list of the Invasion of Earth movies on this site listed in order of preference. NAME OF MOVIE COMMENT The Edge of Tomorrow If you are a fan of tough females then watch this. Emily Blunt is great as Rita Veratski (I may be becoming a fan) and Tom Cruise is as … Continue reading