This is a website intended to help people choose which movie (film to you people in UK) to watch of the thousands available to download or to view on terrestrial and cable and satellite TV. I realised that mostly you have to know what you want to watch before deciding it is going to be worth your while, and you can end up spending much time rolling through the sites which are available – as long as you know what is of interest. But I am going to the cinema virtually every weekend, and am watching films daily because I am retired, so what-ever I watch I am writing a very short review about. It will take you moments to decide whether the movie you have selected is worth a view, although eventually you might have to get a feel for my own taste which leans towards action, sci-fi and comedy. But my plan is that once I start watching I will finish it – no matter how dire. This mostly applies in the cinema as well of course. I have walked out of very few films.

There are multiple ways of using the site. Starting at the top, you can search see if I have watched film you are considering by using the search feature.

Then there is the Main Menu which is self explanatory – I particular like the “DON’T SEE” feature. And maybe most importantly is the “Select Category” which offers a full list of all possible types of film (although I keep thinking of more when a film does not seem to fit into any of them).

The there is a list of the recent reviews, which include those seen at the cinema and those seen as a result of TV and downloads.

If you click on any of the actual films you can see the categories at the top, and then above the review links to the actor’s work and some of the directors, and beneath the review, links to three films which the template thinks are associated with the film featured. I sometimes wonder why.

I’m keeping at this and at the time of writing (October 2021) there are over 1400 films reviewed.


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