This is a website intended to help people choose which movie (film to you people in UK) to watch of the thousands available to download or to view on terrestrial and cable and satellite TV. I realised that mostly you have to know what you want to watch before deciding it is going to be worth your while, and you can end up spending much time rolling through the sites which are available – as long as you know what is of interest. But I am going to the cinema virtually every weekend, and am watching films daily because I am retired, so what-ever I watch I am writing a very short review about. It will take you moments to decide whether the movie you have selected is worth a view, although eventually you might have to get a feel for my own taste which leans towards action, sci-fi and comedy. But my plan is that once I start watching I will finish it – no matter how dire. This mostly applies in the cinema as well of course. I have walked out of very few films.

I have not tried to watch franchises in order, typically the first James Bond reviewed has been the 2015 offering, but as I develop categories they may group together.

The main menu is of the tags although I am gradually transferring everything into categories which will allow you to go to a particular genre, or a franchise. I am starting to include the actors and directors as tags so that you can click on them, and see all the films they have been in – which I have reviewed.

New Year 2017! In 2016 I watched and reviewed 300 movies. As a first task I am removing the “New Releases” tag from all the cinema viewings of last year, although they will continue to be “2016” and when the first movie released in 2017 is viewed I will start a new ¬†category, yes you’ve guessed it “2017” and from next week probably the first 2017 “NEW RELEASE” will be included.

I have made a slight alteration to the presentation. After reading David Hughes’s “Tales from Development Hell” I have realised that just lumping the script writers and the story writers together is not good enough. ¬†If you see people included in both categories it is a sign of protracted and sometimes adversarial development, so y0u will get a hint at what might be called the film’s backstory.

Happy viewing!

Latest review of a new release THE SHAPE OF WATER. It’s filed in NEW RELEASES.



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