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My 10 Favourite Films of 2017

Below is a list of the films I liked best of the 38 I saw in the cinema in 2017:

Dunkirk In the summer of 1940 the British expeditionary force is boxed in on the beach at Dunkirk by a superior German army. There are a limited number of military vessels available to evacuate them and so a fleet of small boats make the journey to France and manage to rescue more than 300,000 of them.
The Disaster Artist Greg, a young aspiring actor becomes the friend of Tommy, a slightly weird fellow performer and together they move to LA and live in a flat owned by the latter. After multiple failures to find work they decide to make their own film and so Tommy writes the script, buys the equipment and hire the crew and the rest of the cast to perform “The Room”.
Baby Driver Baby is a talented get-away driver with tinitus, who therefore listens to an IPod all the time. Because he once stole a car from Doc he is engaged for a number of heists in order to pay him back, and once the scores are even he is required for another job. But as time passes the work becomes increasingly violent and the criminals more unstable, finally endangering Baby’s new love interest.
Get Out A young black photographer is apprehensive about visiting the country house of his white girfriend, but is made welcome by her parents. He his not reassured by his interaction with the coloured gardener and housekeeper, whose responses to his approaches are odd, and a number of increasingly bizarre events make him question the wisdom of the visit.
T2 Trainspotting Renton is back in Edinburgh, after 20 years away and he arrives just in time to stop Spud killing himself. The problem is that he left with £16,000 of his friend’s money, making Sick Boy now running a small porno operation, a bit resentful. Begbie, even more angry on finding himself impotent, after escaping from jail, pursues Renton through the streets and backwaters of Edinburgh, frustrating the friend’s efforts to set up a brothel in Leith.
Hell or High Water When oil is discovered on a ranch effectively owned by a bank because their mother, now dead, has taken out a reverse mortgage, two brothers decide to rob the branches of the bank involved, only taking ready cash until they have enough to repay the debt. But a Texas Ranger on the verge of retirement has detected the pattern of their operations and he and his partner stake out the branch of the bank where he is sure then next robbery will take place.
Detroit During the 1967 Detroit riots the joke use of a starting pistol by an occupant of the Algiers Motel annex results in all the occupants, ten black men and two white women, being rounded up by a group of white policemen. All are systematically beaten and three are shot dead, only the intervention of a black security guard and a National Guardsman limiting the violence.
Valarian and the City of a Thousand Planets In the distant future the city of the title is a vast complex of environments drifting through space and housing many differing life forms who combine their skills to administer it. But it is threatened by an increasingly large no-go area in the centre, and so two special agents are given the task of finding out what it is and why it is there.
Ghost in the Shell In a world where robots are used for many tasks, and humans can have their bodies and senses enhanced, a cyborg with a human brain is developed by the Hanka Robotics corporation. With memories of a terrorist attck which killed her parents she becomes part of an anti-terror team, and is required to defend her creators against a cyber attack. But were there others before her and are her memories real?
Colossal A young woman, out of work, whose life seems to consist of all night drunks is ousted by her boyfriend and so returns to her hometown and her parent’s empty house. She meets an old school friend who owns a bar and so things go on, except that in Seoul a monster is ravaging the city, and she finds that unacountably she is in control of it. Her drunken binges are resulting in many deaths in the South Korean capital. She has to sober up – but there is more.


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