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Action, Drama - Gangland

Get Carter (2000)

Duration 1h 42m Rating (UK) 15
Source of story A 1971 British film of the same name starring Michael Caine itself derived from a novel by Ted Lewis ”Jack’s Return Home”.
Writers/Script David McKenna
Additional Info Originally Michael Caine was only given a cameo in this outing, but the audience response to his presence at test screening was so positive that they shot further footage expanding his role.
Director Stephen Kay
Starring Sylvester Stallone, Miranda Richardson, Rachael Leigh Cook, Rhona Mitra, Alan Cumming, Michael Caine, Mickey Rourke, Tom Sizemore
Elevator Pitch A Las Vegas based enforcer returns home to Seattle to attend the funeral of his brother who has died under doubtful circumstances in a car accident. His investigation into the accident exposes doubtful goings on in the city centred on the activities of a young computer billonaire.
Content Very muscular men growl at each other and occasionally interact with extreme violence. Much time spent in the grimey underbelly of the city, nightclubs, private parties and much else. Some people are killed, others are extremely frightened. Some car chases, some inferred sexual encounters and a bit of drinking.
A View The original has apparently become a cult film, in which a London based gangster returns to his roots in Newcastle, so you can see the intention but it did not work. It was poorly reviewed by the critics and underperformed at the box office, so now not really a watch with so much else available.

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