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Invasion of Earth Movies

This is a list of the Invasion of Earth movies on this site listed in order of preference.

The Edge of Tomorrow If you are a fan of tough females then watch this. Emily Blunt is great as Rita Veratski (I may be becoming a fan) and Tom Cruise is as competent as usual. Some fun moments – watch for them escaping, driving an old BMC car towing a caravan.
War of the Worlds I though this was an inspired take on the well known tale, telling it from the point of view of the family group, and I suppose you would expect it to be worth watching due to the director’s record, and it is. I had seen it before, but it was still gripping on a second viewing.
10 Cloverfield Lane Both my wife and I really enjoyed this – and I can’t say that all that often, but to say more would reveal too much of the plot. I did look at my watch but only to see how much time the heroine had left.
Arrival I liked this, but my wife did not, which may sum it up. I did wonder what the three teenagers sitting across the aisle thought. They were probably hoping for Star Wars, but got something quite different. Just a hint, I could have filed this under several categories – which would have been spoilers. After two weeks this film is being feted by the critics as a major Oscars candidate.
Coverfield Just as well this was only 80 minutes. As it was I had to take a rest – fortunately the film was recorded. I was going to say that some of the plot was pretty unfeasable – but we’re talking about a monster destroying New York, so what the hell!
Meet Dave The writers claim that the studio fiddled with the plot a lot, but it could have been worse. Possibly they did not know quite what its target audience was, but actually it is ok for watching while dozing on the sofa during a holiday afternoon.
The Day the Earth Stood Still his cost a lot, and nearly made its money back, surprising considering the panning it got from the critics. Won the 2009 Razzie for “Worst Prequel, Remake, Rip-off or Sequel”. The attempt to repeat the Terminator II bonding between the boy and the alien totally unsuccessful. But what the hell, you can watch it for nothing.
The World’s End I had thought that films about people getting drunk were not being made any more, and if that had been so I could understand why, because I did not find this fun. But I’m in the minority. I thought it would have been sufficiently crass to have been hated by the critics, but it got great reviews. So what do I know?
Green Lantern Since they kept giving us exposition I was not confused, but it was really silly. Actually I liked the idea that the Green Lanterns would use their minds to create physical objects which they would then use to combat the villains, but it was poorly used in favour of CGI fire and brimstone. Nobody much liked this, including the director and the star, and it lost a lot of money.
Ender’s Game This seemed like a version of the usual raw recruit and bullying trainer’s film. If you’ve seen the trailer then you’ve seen the film. Fantastic CGI but ultimately unsatisfying.

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