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Sci-Fi - Invasion of Earth


Released 2016 Rating 12A in UK
Director Denis Villeneuve Writer/s Eric Heisserer
Starring Amy Adams, Jeremy Renner, Forest Whitaker, Michael Stuhlbarg,
Source of story A story “Story of Your Life” by Ted Chiang
Elevator Pitch The population of earth wake up one morning to find twelve spacecraft hovering above miscellaneous points on the planet, including one above the plains of Minnesota, causing the military to set up an exclusion zone and to recruit scientists, including a mathematician and a linguist to try to communicate with the aliens. As the linguist achieves a level of success we see flashbacks of greater intensity of her life with her daughter.
Content There is violence out in the world, mostly seen as news broadcasts. The scenes of the space ship and what goes on inside it are extremely well presented. They suck you in, and it is probably a good plan to see this movie on as large a screen as possible and sit right up at the front. There is more – mainly scenes in the military camp set up at the site of the American Arrival, some scenes in the linguistics prof’s rather luxurious dwelling.
A View I liked this, but my wife did not, which may sum it up. I did wonder what the three teenagers sitting across the aisle thought. They were probably hoping for Star Wars, but got something quite different. Just a hint, I could have filed this under several categories – which would have been spoilers. After two weeks this film is being feted by the critics as a major Oscars candidate.

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