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Comedy - Family, Sci-Fi - Invasion of Earth

Meet Dave (2008)

Duration 1h 30m Rating (UK) PG
Source of story An original screenplay developed by some guys who usually contribute to an American SF channel.
Writer/s Script Rob Greenberg, Bill Corbett
Director Brian Robbins
Starring Eddie Murphy, Elizabeth Banks, Scott Caan, Ed Helms, Kevin Hart
Elevator Pitch An alien planet sends a probe to earth to remove all the salt from the seas, but it lands in a goldfish bowl. The aliens who are very small humaniods send a space craft to find it, in the form of a human in the image of the captain, and it joins the crowds in New York, learning slowly how humans behave, meanwhile a cop is on its trail and there is mutiny on the craft. Can it fulfil its mission before it runs out of fuel?
Content Lots of scenes of the craft interacting with humans – and it looks just like Eddie Murphy. Some tension as miniature people are exposed to the New York streets. No nudity or sex, although the aliens begin to get the idea. Some poop jokes.
A View The writers claim that the studio fiddled with the plot a lot, but it could have been worse. Possibly they did not know quite what its target audience was, but actually it is ok for watching while dozing on the sofa during a holiday afternoon.

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