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Action, Sci-Fi - Invasion of Earth

The Edge of Tomorrow (2014)

Released 2014 Rating 12A in UK
Director Doug Liman Writer/s Christopher McQarrie, Jez Butterworth
Starring Tom Cruise, Emily Blunt, Brendan Gleeson, Bill Paxton,
Source of story Book “All You Need is Kill” Horoshi Sakurazaka
Elevator Pitch The earth armies are at war with an alien race, who have the ability to reset time, on the European mainland, and Cage an army officer in the PR department is accidentally recruited. In his first battle he also gains the ability to reset time, and with Rita a supertough soldier they gradually learn how to overcome the enemy.
Content Lots of explosions and battles with future firearms, but in general not too graphic for those with weak stomachs (including me). No nudity, little swearing.
A View If you are a fan of tough females then watch this. Emily Blunt is great as Rita Veratski (I may be becoming a fan) and Tom Cruise is as competent as usual. Some fun moments – watch for them escaping, driving an old BMC car towing a caravan.

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