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American Gangster

Released 2007 Rating 18 in UK
Director Ridley Scott Writer/s Steven Zaillian
Starring Denzel Washington, Russell Crowe, Chewetel Ejiofor, Josh Brolin, John Ortiz, Cuba Gooding Jr, Armand Assante, Idris Elba (a walk-on)
Source of story Inspired by true events and an article by Mark Jacobson
Elevator Pitch When a gangland overlord dies his right hand man steps up, and by an ingenious twist on the Harlem drug supply business, becomes more important than the traditional gang leaders. Corrupt police attempt to shake him down, and a sort of “Untouchables” team are on the case.
Content Drug transport and preparation. Various violences including shootings with hand guns, shot guns and machine guns. Some chases through the projects and dark streets. A bit of time in luxury dwellings – at least some criminals lived well in the 1970s. Some nudity, mainly to prevent young women stealing the drugs. A bit of non-revelatory sex.
A View This is fairly gripping stuff as, like all the good gangster movies, we are never quite sure when violence will surface. Fans of Idris Elba may be surprised at his swift demise. Generally well thought of by everybody, including me.

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