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Sci-Fi - Aliens

Men in Black 3 (2012)


Elevator Pitch.

The alien Boris the Animal escapes from confinement on the moon where Agent K put him forty years ago and travels back in time to change events. When Agent J finds that his partner is not who he thought he was, and there is no sign of K, he realises what has happened and also travels back, to the day before K is killed in 1969, incidentally during an alien invasion which would have been prevented had K’s original quest been successful. Followed it so far?


Boris escapes from confinement on the moon. This is how it starts and may be the high point of the film, so pay attention. Agent J travels back to 1969 and meets a younger K, and together they hunt for Boris – both the original and the one from today, who only has one arm. Consequently the MIB super equipment exists but it is mostly much more clumpy. They are helped by an alien who can see all possible futures who they meet at an Andy Warhol party (I’m smiling at the recollection).

A View This movie very cleverly plays with time, and you have to pay attention, particularly to the alien who can see all possible futures. I liked it enough to forgive them breaking the “don’t meet yourself” rule, and finally an alteration to the time line which surely would have had effects in the present. But that said it was a really entertaining outing, up there with MIB 1. No nudity, sex, drinking, drugs or anything offensive.
Duration 1h 46m Rating (UK) PG
Source of story Apparently a Malibu comic by Lowell Cunningham.
Director Barry Sonnenfeld
Writers/Script Ethan Cohen
Starring Will Smith, Tommy Lee Jones, Josh Brolin, Jemaine Clement, Emma Thompson, Michael Stuhlbarg, Nicole Scherzinger, Alice Eve, Bill Hader
Additional Info Cost $225 million, but grossed over $600 million causing thoughts of MIB 4 but it has not happened up to now (2018).

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