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Walking Tall (2004)

Duration 1h 26m Rating (UK) 15
Source of story Said to be loosely based on the life of Sheriff Buford Pusser (commemorated in the closing credits) and a 1973 film of the same name.
Writers/Script David Klass, Channing Gibson, David Levien, Brian Koppelman (Mort Briskin the 1973 script)
Additional Info Like a number of other films based in remote communities this was filmed in the British Colombian town of Squamish. The backdrop of a 2000 ft vertical cliff is unmistakable.
Director Kevin Bray
Starring Johnny Knoxville, Dwayne Johnson, Neil McDonough, Ashley Scott, John Beasley, Cobie Smulders
Elevator Pitch A serviceman returns home to his remote community to find that the former major place of employment, a sawmill, is closed, and that the town now depends on the revenue from a casino operated by a former schoolfriend. The ex-soldier quickly makes enemies in the casino and after a confrontation during which he is scarred by a security man, he is taken to to court. During an impassioned speech tells the jury that if he is acquitted he will run for sheriff and clean up the town.
Content Some fights in the casino; a scene in the courtroom; the sheriff and his deputy go on the track of the drug distributors. The criminals take retalatory action. There is quite a bit of gunfire and other violence, some semi-nudity and one implied sex scene.
A View As it turns out the real Buford Pusser story is much more dramatic than this film, but it was an acceptable, although slightly alarming, watch. It was not much liked by the critics, although the general public more so, and it did  not make any money. Probably a watch for nothing if you are not put off by random violence.

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