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Drama - Crime

Wedlock (1991)

Duration 1h 41m Rating (UK) 18
Source of story An original screenplay
Writers/Script Broderick Miller
Additional Info This was a made for TV film for HBO. It was apparently reissued in 2004.
Director Lewis Teague
Starring Rutger Hauer, Mimi Rogers, Joan Chen, James Remar, Stephen Tobolowsky
Elevator Pitch The leader of a trio of bank robbers, who get away with a load of diamonds, is later captured and jailed in a special facility where the inmates, both male and female, are fitted with explosive collars. They are paired and if the pair is separated by more than 100 yards the collars explode and decapitate them. Later the robber, and the woman with whom he is paired, escape and are pursued by the police, his fellow bank robbers and the warden of the prison. The one thing in their favour is that the robber is an electronics expert. Can they keep together, learn to tolerate each other and evade their pursuers?
Content Hard times in the prison as the robber is beaten up a lot. Some people get their heads blown off. A whole lot of scenes as the chase takes place. The robber is tortured so that he will reveal his hidden loot. The escapees argue a bit, but later become friendly, so there is implied sex, but no nudity, drinking, drugs or smoking.
A View Today it is really difficult to understand why this was an 18, but times have changed. Mimi Rogers wears a seriously body hugging outfit, but today it is virtually standard wear by all young women, and Rutger Hauer is miscast. Other than that you could watch it while doing some knitting.

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