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Drama - Romantic, WESTERN

The Outsider (2002)

Duration 1h 59m Rating (USA) R
Source of story A book of the same name by Penelope Williamson (Known for her romantic fiction)
Writer/s Script Jenny Wingfield
Director Randa Haines
Starring Tim Daly, Naomi Watts, Keith Carradine, David Carradine
Elevator Pitch A young widow in a strict religious community, whose husband has been killed by a cattle baron, takes in an injured man and nurses him back to health. Despite their differences they become lovers and she is expelled from the community. He is a former gunman, the cattle baron is still out there and scores need to be settled.
Content Most of the time in the remote woodland farm, with its sheep and stuff as the gunman is nursed back to health. Some religious meetings and interaction between the widow, her son and members of the sect. Some tension and more between the gunman and the cattle baron’s gang. A bit of smooching and one non-revelatory sexual encounter.
A View It is not initially obvious that this is a love story, so people expecting action might be disappointed. Its plot is extremely predicable, and as soon as the gunman falls on his face outside the shack you know how it is going to work out, but it’s not a total disaster so maybe a watch while doing something else. It was a TV movie so no critical input.

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