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True Lies

Released 1994 Rating (UK) 15
Source of story An original screenplay
Writer/s Script Claude Zidi, Simon Michael, Didier Kaminka, James Cameron
Director James Cameron
Starring Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jamie Lee Curtis, Tom Arnold, Bill Paxton, Tia Carrere, Eliza Dushku, Charlton Heston, Art Malik
Elevator Pitch A secret agent who is on the track of a terrorist plot, is pretending to his wife that he is a computer salesman, and she is bored and contemplates an affair with a car salesman. When her husband finds out he deploys the facilities of his secret organisation to trap her, and unwittingly they are forced together as the terrorists take them prisoner and carry on with their devilish designs on the White House.
Content A lot of gunfire with handguns machine guns and other firearms. Some explosions. Some chases on foot, on skis, in vehicles and in one case on a horse and a motor bike. Some high level parties involving dancing. A terrific set piece involving US Marine Harriers (vertical lift jet aircraft for those under 30). No sex or nudity although JLC gets her gear off with considerable effect.
A View Having watched a number of pretty dire movies I wanted some celluloid fun, and so chose to view this. It is good stuff and makes you realise you can rely on James Cameron. And it may be the only cinematic appearance of the Harrier, an iconic British aircraft which was a big success in the 1982 Falklands War. Watch it for a fun couple of hours.

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