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Miss Congeniality

Released 2000 Rating (UK) 12
Source of story An original screenplay
Writer/s Script Marc Lawrence, Katie Ford, Caryn Lucas
Director Donald Petrie
Starring Sandra Bullock, Michael Caine, Candice Bergen, William Shatner, Heather Burns, Benjamin Bratt
Elevator Pitch When a beauty contest is threatened by an anonymous killer, a bad tempered and agresssive female FBI agent is forced into having a make-over to make her suitable as a contestant, and therefore able to investigate the threat for the inside. When the authorities wind down the investigation, she decides to stay to protect her new friends.
Content A lot of macho gathering of FBI guys viewing the contestants through their colleague’s hidden camera. Periods of training as the female agent is coached into becoming a beauty contestant. The various rounds of the contest itself as the girls go through their paces, wear ball gowns, bathing suits and more. Just a bit of violence.
A View The critics were not keen on this movie, but the public liked it more and so did I. SB is charming, and actually does not do brilliantly as the bad tempered misfit, but it did not really matter. This is a light-hearted comedy. It made money and so spawned a sequel.

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