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The Hateful Eight (2015)

Released 2015 Rating (UK) 18
Source of story An original screenplay
Writer/s Script Quentin Tarantino
Director Quentin Tarantino
Starring Samuel L. Jackson, Kurt Russell, Jennifer Jason Leigh, Walton Goggins, Tim Roth, Michael Madsen, Bruce Dern, Channing Tatum
Elevator Pitch Years after the Civil War a bounty hunter with a female prisoner, and a couple of other stage passengers, picked up on the road, find themselves in a road house in the wilds of Wyoming where a blizzard is raging. There are already men in the place, claiming to be innocent travellers. They include a Brit and a southern general, and since one of the new arrivals is a northern black major they begin to take sides. But who are the guys in the roadhouse and why is there a Mexican in charge?
Content Some impressive snow covered scenary as the stage presses on ahead of the blizzard. A lot of time talking in the roadhouse with an increasing level of tension. Much random violence against the female prisoner, and it will not be a spoiler to say that there is gunfire and blood in the concluding chapter.
A View No-one but Tarantino would have got away with such a long film, with so little happening for so much of the time. There are racial, gender and north v south problems addressed, with varying levels of success according to the critics. We did not go to see it in the cinema because we thought it was too long, and having watched it I still think so.

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