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The Aviator

Released 2004 Rating (UK) 12A
Source of story Real events
Writer/s Script John Logan
Director Martin Scorsese
Starring Leonardo DiCaprio, Cate Blanchette, Kate Beckinsale, John C Reilly, Alec Baldwin, Alan Alda, Ian Holm, Danny Huston, Gwen Stefani, Jude Law, Willem Dafoe
Elevator Pitch Howard Hughes was obsessed by film making, aircraft and women. All feature in this segment of his life which portrays his development of “Hell’s Angels” a WWI fighter film, his relationships with Kathrine Hepburn, Ava Gardner and others and his development of record breaking aircraft including the Spruce Goose. Also, as owner of TWA, his battles with the boss of Pan-Am and his political supporters.
Content A lot of time building and operating aircraft, including more than one crash. Much interaction with the women in his life. Some scenes in his house as he isolates himself from the outside world due to his problems with germs. A great scene as he dominates Senator Brewster’s investigation into his business activities.
A View An engaging film which moves on positively enough to make its length acceptable. A lot of Oscar and other nominations and one or two wins. Although not nominated for anything, I thought Kate Beckinsale was terrific as Ava Gardner. It cost a lot and made money, and is a fascinating portrayal of a bit of American celebrity history.

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