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Drama - Crime

The Hit List

Released 2011 Rating (UK) 15
Source of story An origingal screenplay
Writer/s script Chad Law, Evan Law
Director William Kaufman
Starring Cuba Gooding Jr, Cole Hauser, Jonathan LaPaglia, Ginny Weirick
Elevator Pitch A man is passed over for promotion, which he was relying on to allow him to pay a major gambling debt and getting home finds his best friend has been having sex with his wife. He goes out and while getting drunk gets into conversation with the only other occupant of the bar, who says he is a hit man and can kill any five people he wants. The man writes out the names of the five, with his boss at the bottom of the list and his wife at the top. The following morning his boss is found dead. How can he stop the killer getting to his wife?
Content Time in the bar, a police station and in various Spokane locations where people are shot with handguns, and later automatic rifles. One car chase. A bit of tension as the wife gets closer to her husband again, but this is unlikely to stop the killer. Effectively no sex, definitely no nudity.
A View The killer is a rogue black operative and maybe I missed it, but while he seems to be ill, his motivation is not explained, even though someone is sent to bring him in. That aside it passed an hour and a half painlessly. Extremely low budget and maybe straight to video. Two reviews on Rotten Tomatoes, one for and one against.

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