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Action, Resident Evil, Zombies

Resident Evil 5: Retribution

Released 2012 Rating (UK) 15
Source of story The previous Alice outings, and originally a video game
Writer/s script Paul W.S. Anderson
Director Paul W.S. Anderson
Starring Milla Jovovich, Sienna Guillory, Michelle Rodriguez, Bingbing Li, Oded Fehr, Colin Salmon
Elevator Pitch Alice, or maybe a version of her, is released from an Umbrella Corporation cell into a test environment where she must fight her way out together with a Chinese martial arts expert (dressed attractively in a red ball gown), and with the assistance of a small military team sent to rescue her. Everything seems to be controlled by the red queen, Umbrella’s super computer including clones of people who were on Alice’s side in a previous film, but are now trying to kill her.
Content Almost continuous gunfire in the various national environments, a bit like Disneyland with zombies. Eventually a fight in the frozen wastes of Kamchatka amid the derelict Russian fleet.
A View I saw this on Imax, actually in St John’s Newfoundland, and at the time I thought it was OK. I must have been swayed by the 20 foot high Alice. Now, despite my general enthusiasm for the franchise, on rewatching I found this outing almost intolerable, maybe since the ending of the previous film had required the writer to discard any sort of plot, and start again. It was disliked by the critics, but it made money.

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