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Drama - Crime, Drama - Romantic


Released 1993 Rating 18 in UK
Director Phillip Noyce Writer/s Joe Eszterhas
Starring Sharon Stone, William Baldwin, Tom Berenger, Polly Walker, Martin Landau
Source of story Novel of the same name by Ira Levin
Elevator Pitch A youngish book editor moves into an apartment in the Sliver, which has previously been occupied by a woman who had apparently thrown herself off the balcony. And we find that she is being observed in her most intimate moments by hidden cameras. There are further deaths in the building. What is going on? Is she wise to start an affair with a man who is the possible owner of the building?
Content Quite a bit of nudity and fairly explicit sex but very little else. The police interview people. There is a party. Quite a lot of time spent from the viewpoint of the person who is looking at the screens showing the results of the hidden cameras.
A View The plot of this movie is very thin, there is no getting away from it, and if you read some of the information about the production you can understand why. It has got the lowest rating on Rotten Tomatoes of anything I have reviewed so far, but honestly it is far from the worst. It may be that the critics were offended by a plot offering little but views of the star unclothed.

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