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Comedy - YA, Scary Movie

Scary Movie 3

Released 2003 Rating 15 in UK
Director David Zucker Writer/s Craig Mazin, Pat Proft
Starring Pamela Anderson, Jenny McCarthy, Charlie Sheen, Jeremy Piven, Anna Faris, Kevin Hart, Queen Latifah, Leslie Nielsen
Source of story Earlier Scary Movies – particularly the characters
Elevator Pitch A newscaster finds that things are going awry in her home town and on going there finds that there is a villaneous video going about. If you watch it you die after a week. Also there are indications of alien invasion, could be “signs”. And even the arrival of the US president does not improve the situation.
Content Some ladies in their underwear – briefly. An interminable number of pratfalls and people accidentally hitting their heads on things. A visit to a rapping concert, a scene in a funeral parlour. A creepy event with a TV. A bit of time in a television studio.
A View The actress playing the main character was said by an amateur critic to be too old for the part. She was 27 at the time! Says it all. This film is unsuitable for anyone over 14. If you are forced to watch it look out for the autocue scene. I laughed. But it made a lot more money than many much more worthy productions.

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