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Drama - Gangland

The Infiltrator

Released 2016 Rating 15 in UK
Director Brad Furman Writer/s Ellen Brown Furman (The director’s mum)
Starring Bryan Cranston, Juliet Aubrey, Olympia Dukasis, Amy Ryan, John Leguizamo, Jason Isaacs, Diane Kruger, Benjamin Bratt
Source of story Real events described in abook by Robert Mazur
Elevator Pitch In the 1980s Forida is the centre for the import and distribution of drugs from Columbia, and in order to cripple the network a US Customs official takes on the role of a money launderer, becoming an intimate of their leaders and part of their violent world.
Content The various aspects of the undercover operative’s life are portrayed, with his own family, in luxury surroundings and in seedy strip clubs. There are scenes with scantily clad young women, a bit of sex and quite a few acts of random and extreme violence.
A View It was quite difficult to believe that the agent acted as the money launderer during the day, and then went home to his family in the evening, since much of the tension in the movie is due to this dual life, but apparenty for a while he did. It was screened at our local cinema in Madrid opening on the same day as “Star Wars:Rogue One”, so not many of us attended. But those of us who did enjoyed it.

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