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Drama - Romantic

Sense and Sensibility

Released 1995 Rating U in UK
Director Ang Lee Writer/s Emma Thompson
Starring James Fleet, Tom Wilkinson, Harriet Walter, Kate Winslet, Emma Thompson, Gemma Jones, Hugh Grant, Robert Hardy, Alan Rickman, Greg Wise, Imelda Staunton, Imogen Stubbs, Hugh Laurie
Source of story Book of the same name by Jane Austen
Elevator Pitch When Mr Dashwood dies, his wife and three daughters of his second marriage are left with a small income and nowhere to live, as his son is the inheritor of the estate. Fortunately   they are offered a small house in Devon to which they move. The elder two daughters is the subject of the attentions of young men, and the middle one by an older ex-army officer. There is  romance, but nothing runs smoothly.
Content Much is made of the country houses visited and lived in by the mother and the daughters. They are very scenic. Salisbury Cathedral Close stands in for a London square. There is romance within the constraints of the time entertainingly presented, and contrasted with the empire line dresses which usually involved a lot of cleavage.
A View This is great entertainment, and although I have not read the book I feel that it is likely that the tone has been preserved. Beyond the script and the acting there is the scenary and the props, all meticulously presented. Watch for the dogs which are splendid, and the vast quantities of food when they are feasting outdoors.

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