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Action, Horror - Demons

End of Days

Released 1999 Rating 18
Director Peter Hyams Writer/s Andrew W Marlowe
Starring Arnold Schwarzenegger, Gabriel Byrne, Rod Steiger, Robin Tunney, Miriam Margoles
Source of story An original screenplay
Elevator Pitch On the last day of the old century the devil comes to earth and takes over the body of a banker, there-after searching for a young woman who he intends will bear his child, and as a result the world as we know it will end. But in his way is a priest and a security expert. If they can protect the girl until midnight the threat will be over.
Content Lots of violence of various sorts, some explosions. Constant tension throughout, some nudity as the devil has sex with a mother and daughter.
A View A very shaky plot, requiring some contrivances to keep things going, but well presented, and I always like the idea of people not being what they seem to be. But it was not liked by either the critics or the public although for once the sex scene was sexy. Not a total waste of time, but you have to tolerate the plot holes.

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