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Action, Comedy - Police

Cop Out

Released 2010 Rating 15
Director Kevin Smith Writer/s Robb and Mark Cullen
Starring Bruce Willis, Tracy Morgan
Source of story An original screen play
Elevator Pitch An ill-matched pair of New York cops are on the track of a drug cartel and one of their molls but each is preoccupied with his own problems, one with the loss of a baseball card which wil pay for his daughter’s wedding and one with the possibility that his wife might be being unfaithful
Content Lots of violence of various sorts mostly with handguns, and a load of apparently smart dialogue between the detectives. Some unpleasantness in gangland.
A View So, in my 200 odd reviews I have never said this before, but watch this at your peril, it should have come with a health warning. Although it is attempting to be a buddy film, the inclusion of gangland executions is inappropriate and disturbing.

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