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Afternoon Delight (2013)

Duration1h 38m
RatingsUK: 18, USA: R, 
Source of storyThe content relates to a song with sexy lyrics by the “Starland Vocal Band” in 1976. 
DirectorJill Soloway
Writers/ScriptJill Soloway
StarringKathryn Hahn, Jane Lynch, Josh Radnor, Juno Temple, 
RatingsIMDb: 5.7 by 9720 people.  Rotten Tomatoes: 66% by 83 reviewers..

Elevator Pitch: A couple seem to be going through a no-sex crisis, the wife, Rachel, often visiting her therapist with no result. In an effort to spice up their life they visit a strip club and the husband pays for her to have a “private dance” with a stripper. She and the stripper, McKenna, become friends to the extent that she becomes a resident in Rachel’s luxurious house. However, while it all seems to be going well to start with, McKenna behaving and looking after Rachel’s child when required, but when she is out with her friends, and McKenna is left with a quartet of husbands playing poker evrything changes.

Content: There is one quite extended sexual event with accompanying nudity as Rachel goes with McKenna to provide an “at home” service. Also a visit to a strip club with pole dancing and a lot of talk about sex. There is a lot of drinking and marijuana smoking. So, since the film is really abut sex every time anyone meets anyone else they seem to talk about sex, particularly Rachel and her friends, And eventually when Rachel is drunk she reveals to her friends that as a fresher at university she had an abortion and it changed her life.

A View: Apparently there is a lot of smart talk in this film some of which I missed because I am certain that the films I watch in Spain often have crappy sound – which is overcome when they dubb them into Spanish. But even so I could not quite see how the relationship between McKenna and Rachel would do anything for Rachel’s sex life. However I did get how her life had been stuffed by her unwise sexual activity at Uni. One critic said “the repugnant fog of entiitlement inflated hubris is…positively suffocating”. I honestly thought that more people would have liked this, because it is sort of interesting if you accept that this is rich suburban America, but down to you whether it is a watch.

Additional info: This film certainly must have cost a few million (my estimate) but only grossed $175,755.

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