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Horror - Demons

Candy Stripers (2006)

Duration1h 29m
RatingsNo UK release. USA: R,
Source of storyPossibly inspired by a 1978 porno movie of the same name.
DirectorKate Robbins
Writers/ScriptJill Garson, Kate Robbins
StarringBrian Lloyd, Tori White, Deanna Brooks, Nicole Rayburn plus more than 25 additional young woman as Candy Stripers.
RatingsIMDb:  3.2 by 1242 people. Rotten Tomatoes: No reviews.

Elevator Pitch: A blind young woman is transported to Wuciapa Hospital after a car accident and asks a “Candy Striper” to kiss her before she dies. The kiss results in the transfer of an alien parasite from one to the other. Thereafter the parasite is transferred by more sexual contacts, and as the now alien Candy Stripers gain power they start to dispatch the male members of staff, sometimes by tearing off their members. Meanwhile three injured basket ball players, and their two female groupies, are attempting to survive. Can they make it outside, and are either of the girls with them actually aliens?

Content: There is a bit of sex and some female nudity, the idea being that the “Candy Stripers” are female volunteers who wear the striped overall and help out in the hospital. Early on a basket ball cheerleader engages with oral sex with a player in the team bus. So the alien auxiliaries are hot and the males involved universally submit to their attentions, until in most cases it is too late. But the aliens need sugar to survive, and one of the girls is a diabetic, so she finds that there is a defence.

A View: I think that this score on IMDb is the lowest both in the result and in the number of participants. The only reviewers are people interested in either pornography or horror, and according to them this outing did not fulfil either requirement.  They were surprised that the writers and director were women, but I wondered whether the tearing off of male genitalia had anything to do with that. Certainly all the male characters are pretty doubtful, and defend themselves very poorly against the female advances. But actually I have watched this so you don’t have to, so not a watch even for nothing.

Additional Info: Candy Stripers are young people who volunteer to help out in hospitals without pay. The uniform which was developed in one hospital in 1944 may no longer be used. They now tend to wear tags. 

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