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Horror - Slasher

Nightmare Cinema (2018)


Duration 1h 59m Rating (UK) 15
Source of story Five original screenplays
Director The Thing in the Woods – Alejandro Brugués, Miran – Joe Dante, Mashit – Ryûhei Kitamura,  This Way to Egress – David Slade, Dead – Mick Garris
Writers/Script Sandra Becerril, Alejando Brugués, Lawrence C. Connolly, Mick Garris, Richard Christian Matheson, David Slade
Starring Mickey Rourke, Sarah Elizabeth Withers, Zarah Mahler, Richard Chamberlain (at 88),

Elevator Pitch: People passing an old cinema are induced to enter due to the names of the films on the façade. Once inside they see films, or segments, featuring themselves. A young woman goes in to see a slasher film where she seems to survive where other young people are killed. The female member of a couple has facial scarring so is persuaded by her fiancée to have plastic surgery. But how will it turn out? A girl’s school seems to have been invaded by a, or some, demons. Many people die. A woman is waiting to see a doctor, with her two sons, in a gradually disintegrating environment. It does not end well. A young pianist survives a shooting in which his parents die, but he can now see the recently dead. His mother tries to persuade him to join her.

Content: In the girl’s school the priest has sex with a beautiful nun, but their habits remain in place more or less. In the plastic surgeon’s hospital there are photos of perfect female forms. There is a lot of violence in all the features, some presenting much severing of limbs and decapitations, as well as deformed people, and at one point a flayed body in a path lab. In general a lot of blood.

A View: The tone of these five presentations vary, one or two being pastiches of well known horror films. Typically, in one a dead boy does the spider walk from The Exorcist. The fourth “This Way to Egress” is genuinely unsettling, but if you have a high tolerance for spatter it will be an easy watch. It did not really suit me, you never really know what you are going to get with these composite movies, and when it comes to horror I prefer ghosts and demons. So, you’ve read the description, go for it if you enjoy a gorefest.

Additional info: According to IMDb it made a stunning $33,000 on general release.

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