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The Dilemma (2011)


Duration 1h 51m Rating (UK) 12A
Source of story An original screenplay
Director Ron Howard
Writers/Script Allan Loeb
Starring Vince Vaughn, Kevin James, Jennifer Connelly, Winona Ryder, Channing Tatum, Queen Latifah, Sandy Marshall

Elevator Pitch: Ronny and Nick are a couple of good friends who have an embryo  concept car company, and get a job from Crysler to develop an electric auto.  While Ronny is looking for a location where he can propose to his girlfriend he sees Nick’s wife engaging in extra-marital snogging, and follows her to the apartment of a tattooed jock, where she and he go further. But can he possibly tell Nick, who is already under pressure to complete the electric car which will put their company on the road to success? When he approaches Geneva, the wife, she threatens to tell Nick about their one night stand years before.

Content:  No actual sex, but some naked limbs as Ronny snoops on Geneva. Some drinking as the guys get together with their women and have a good time. Ronny is stung by poisonous plants and has to make up stories. He and Nick spend time in their workshop with the car, as the development falters. Ronny crawls about outside the flat where Geneva and her lover, Zip, are engaged in hankypanky. He is discovered and his car is trashed.

A View: When I review a film I usually have a read through the cast list to see if there are any future stars in minor roles, and this activity took me back to 1996. I was on a writing course in Edinburgh, where I met my future wife, and one of our friends on the course was an American called Sandy Marshall. He comes from Chicago, and has a small part in this film as a medic who admisters to Ronny after he falls into the poisonous plants. So congratulations to Sandy, but this was still a terrible film, which is not worth you time, unless you are also a friend of Sandy’s.

Additional info:   The film was shot in Chicago, cost $70 million and did not get all of it back.

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