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Horror - Demons

Hell Girl (2018)


Duration 1h 21m Rating (UK) Not released in UK
Source of story An original screenplay, although echoes of “Friday the 13th”
Director Lawrence Riggins
Writers/Script Lawrence Riggins
Starring Tara Westwood, Tom Sizemore, Diana Lu

Elevator Pitch: A group of TV ghost hunters arrive at a lakeside summer camp, which has the usual group of huts and social spaces. It is the site of a number of unresolved murders and disapearances. We, the viewers have seen sex taking place in the past where the woman has been somehow inhabited by an unworldly force, and in the present day we see someone who looks the same emerge from the lake in a bikini, even though it is winter. This woman has sex with the director of the programme, while at the same time telling him that he and his team should leave due to the danger.  They do not leave.

Content: There is sex, but no nudity. At one point a woman spends time in a bath, for no good reason other than to be almost naked. The group explore the woods around the camp and also an underground cave complex where they find a lot of bodies. Members of the team are gradually picked off, particularly by a girl in a white shift who appears to be a ghost or demon. Those remaining don’t seem to worry too much.  It is implied that the demon in human form is still about, and that it has sex with at least one female member of the team off screen.

A View: I am not quite sure how this film has found its way onto Spanish TV since it has not even got its own Wikipedia page, nor has it been reviewed by Rotten Tomatoes. On IMDb most of the sections are still empty, so this review may be the most coherant on the internet. I assume that there was more film shot, which could have created a more understandable plot, but that the acting or dialogue was so bad that it was necessary to edit it severely. The result is an uncoordinated mess, which is impossible to understand, even if you watch closely.  Even if you are a fan of demonic movies this is an “Almost Don’t See”.

Additional Info: It did achieve a score on IMDb of 4.4. 604 people contributing. They might have been from the Phillippines where it was released in 2019.

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