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Horror - Demons

Hellraiser VI: Hellseeker (2002)


Duration 1h 29m Rating (UK) 18
Source of story Characters from earlier films ceated by Clive Barker
Director Rick Bota
Writers/Script Carl Dupre, Tim Day
Starring Dean Winters, Ashley Laurence, Doug Bradley, Rachel Hayward, Sarah Jane Redmond, Kaaren de Zilva

Elevator Pitch: Let’s get a couple of things out of the way. Kirsty, from all the other Hellraiser films is married to Trevor, but he has plans for her. She has been given the “Lament Configuration” and therefore the “Cenobites” are about. Trevor, with Kirsty in the passenger seat, drives his car off a bridge and survives the accident, although she is missing, and the police think she is dead, and Trevor has killed her. Trevor seems to be suffering from hallucinations, which involve  a number of young women who he sees killed in different ways. Then he sees his boss, with whom he had concocted a plan to dispose of Kirsty, commit suicide. What is going on?

Content: Right at the start we see the car driven off the bridge. It is an old BMW. There is a bit of female nudity and the women who are involved with Trevor are seen rubbing up against him in their underwear, sometimes getting a bit excited. Pinhead appears now and again, usually in reflections. Everywhere Trevor goes people seem to be looking at him strangely, and he is seeing things, so he appears to be in different places at times. The police are on is case and so he spends time with the detectives.

A View: This was a straight to video film produced at a moderate cost. There were only seven reviews on Rotten Tomatoes and none of the reviewers liked it. This results in  a 0% total. I thought that the director got the tone right, and the actors tried quite hard, although you would probably have had to have seen one or more of the previous films to have any idea at all of what was going on. So there was a plot, actually not disimilar from one or two other outings and there is a resolution in the end. So there are some ticks up. Maybe a watch for nothing, and if you have read this review, you could be doing your knitting at the same time.

Additional info: This movie used a script which was originally a stand alone presentation, which might explain some aspects of the plot.

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