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Fantasy - Sourcery

The Last Witch Hunter (2015)

Elevator Pitch

Kaulder is a witch hunter, part of an organisation which is ready to eliminate witches who threaten humanity. He is 800 years old, having been cursed by the witch queen back in the days of the Black Death, when he and others hunted her in a remote snowbound environment. In modern day New York, somewhere the witch queen’s heart still beats, and Kaulder with the help of a female witch and his human assistant must battle with those intent on reviving her, and destroying the world.


The group intent on finding the witch queen trudge through a snowy landscape, and thereafter burn her tree shaped habitat, Kaulder discusses things with his “Dolan” the human assistant, he meets the young female witch and they drive about in his Aston Martin. They fight an evil witch more than once and there are numerous dream and trance sequences, sometimes taking Kaulder back to his youth and sometimes doing something else involving the female witch. No sex, nudity, smoking (other than people burning), drugs or drinking.

A View This was terrible stuff. I had to read the Wikipedia description of the plot to get an idea of what the writers had intended to convey. The part of Kaulder, limited though its requirements were, was well beyond Vin Diesel’s capabilities as an actor, even though he seemed to have a added a sort of rictus grin to his other two expressions. So even if you are a bit of a fan (and I am) do not give this turkey any of your time.
Duration 1h 46m Rating (UK) 12A
Source of story An original screenplay
Director Breck Eisner
Writers/Script Cory Goodman, Matt Sazama, Burk Sharpless
Starring Vin Diesel, Rose Leslie, Elijah Wood, Michael Caine
Additional Info It had been intended that this film would be the initial outing of a franchise but it performed so badly that the idea was shelved.


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