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The Purge 2: Anarchy (2014)

Elevator Pitch

It is the night of the purge, a 12 hour period between  seven pm and seven am when the law is suspended and killers roam the streets of LA. For a variety of reasons a heavily armed man on a mission links up with a mother and daughter and a young married couple, and against his better judgement helps them to survive out there. They are forced to take on corporate exterminators in semi-trailers, masked motor-cyclists, domestic disturbances and the need to survive in an arena killing zone. Will they make it to 7am?


The group mostly stumble about in the dark, exchanging automatic gunfire with the various opponents lurking in the shadows, and driving about. The women are threatened by their apartment block supervisor, the young married couple are forced to run after their car breaks down, their saviour is silent and enigmatic. They are bounced from one disaster to another so there is much tension, but no nudity, sex, drinking, smoking or drug taking.

A View The critics who did not like this pointed out the plot holes of which there are many, and here and there you are puzzled by the strands of the narrative, which I think are there to make some sort of a political point – badly. But if you choose to suspend your disbelief, and just keep your fingers crossed that the group of ill matched people will make it through the night, it is fun.
Duration 1h 43m Rating (UK) 15
Source of story An original screenplay, but using the political premise of the first film.
Director James DeMonaco
Writers/Script James DeMonaco
Starring Frank Grillo, Carmen Ejogo, Zach Gliford, Kiele Sanchez
Additional Info This oeuvre was said to have cost $9 million to make, but is one of the few films to cover its production costs on its first weekend taking $30 million, and thereafter topping $110 million worldwide. A third Purge film was released in 2016.

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