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Management (2008)

Duration 1h 34m Rating (UK) 15
Source of story An original screenplay
Writers/Script Stephen Belber
Additional Info I like to have a look at the IMDb Trivia to see is anyone has written up anything interesting. The most interesting item – JA’s laptop is a Dell Latitude D830: says it all really.
Director Stephen Belber
Starring Jennifer Aniston, Steve Zahn, Margo Martindale, Fred Ward, James Hiroyuki Liao, Woody Harrelson
Elevator Pitch A young man who acts as night manager of his parent’s rather run down motel becomes infatuated with a business woman who checks in for an overnight stay. He follows her back to Baltimore and later to Aberdeen in Washington state where she has reunited with an old boyfriend who is now a millionaire yoga franchise operator. Life is not all roses for her, but can he convince her that he’s the one?
Content The motel operates, in Kingman pop 27,000, Arizona. There is interaction between the characters, and one quite embarrassing sex scene. The young man travels around America chasing the woman. He watches her through binoculars in Aberdeen and works in a Chinese restaurant, while living in the basement. So a bit of sex, no nudity and some drinking.
A View This is a terrible film, so bad that I could not watch it all at once. Actors are often portrayed as asking “what’s my motivation”. Did JA ask the question when seeing that she was scripted to have sex with the motel manager? In any sort of reality she would have got a restraining order against him!

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