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Children, Fantasy - Sourcery

Mirror, Mirror (2012)

Duration 1h 46m Rating (UK) PG
Source of story Loosely based on the Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs fairy tale.
Writers/Script Marc Klein, Jason Keller with screen story by Melisa Wallack
Additional Info This film was memorable for the costume designs by Eiko Ishioka, who was postumously nominated for an Oscar in that category.
Director Tarsem Singh
Starring Julia Roberts, Lily Collins, Armie Hammer, Nathan Lane, Sean Bean, Lisa Roberts Gillan
Elevator Pitch The evil queen has somehow disposed of the king and aided by her ability to enter a magic realm, where her dopleganger carries out her commands, ensures that her control of the kingdom is absolute. But her eighteen year old stepdaughter is growing up in opposition to her, so she, the stepdaughter is taken into the forest to be killed. But she survives and with the help of seven dwarfs, provides effective opposition to the queen, and a love interest for a handsome prince.
Content The kingdom seems to consist of a fairy castle perched on a cliff over a frozen lake, on the other side of which is the town. There are scenes as the queen plays a sort of chess with real people, presides over a ball, bewitches the prince and sets up her marriage. In the forest Snow White is trained in martial arts by the dwarfs and has an on/off relationship with the prince. It could have been the appearance of the forest creatures which made it a PG, but really nothing offensive.
A View I chuckled quite a bit at the beginning as Julia Roberts holds court, but as the plot becomes more complex the humour seems to fail. It is one of several fairly recent films based on the same story and could be the best, so worth watching for nothing particularly in a family context.

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