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Combat, Drama - Historic

Land and Freedom (1995)

Duration 1h 49m Rating (UK) 15
Source of story An original screenplay – but based on aspects of the Spanish Civil War
Writers/Script Jim Allen
Additional Info This film had a very limited release and so was not much reviewed, or generally commented on.
Director Ken Loach
Starring Ian Hart, Rosana Pastor
Elevator Pitch A young British man, who is a member of the Communist Party, travels to Spain to join in the fight against Franco and finds himself part of a small militia group with links to POUM, a Marxist organisation. As time passes they find that they are not only fighting the fascists but also the anarchists, and most importantly the Russian supported Stalinists, who are the guiding force behind the formation of the International Brigade.
Content After the death of the man, his granddaughter finds a case containing memorabilia of the Civil War and a number of long letters (which allow narration to take place). In flashback we we the man’s progress, the occasional gun battles, the political discussions and his involvment with a female member of the group. There is some drinking and smoking and one implied sex event with a bit of almost nudity.
A View I have studied the Civil War a bit, and found that this earnest film reflects real events and political problems pretty well. It is said that had those fighting the fascists won, there would have been a further civil war between the Stalinists and the others. So, hardly a riveting outing, but a watch for those who are interested in the historical events of 1937 to 1939 in Spain.

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