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Heist (2015)

Duration 1h 33m Rating (UK) 15
Source of story An original screenplay
Writers/Script Stephen C. Sepher, Max Adams (story by Stephen C. Sepher)
Additional Info Jeffrey Dean Morgan is mostly a TV actor, best known for his role in Grey’s Anatomy.
Director Scott Mann
Starring Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Robert De Nero, Dave Bautista, Kate Bosworth, Gina Carino, Morris Chestnut, Lydia Hull
Elevator Pitch An employee of a ruthless mafia casino boss, who needs to pay his daughter’s medical bills, gets the gang together to rob the establishment. They successfully carry out the robbery, but are chased by the boss’s henchman. When their getaway driver gets away without them, they have to hijack a bus and hold the passengers hostage. As the standoff progresses the motives of the participants, the thieves, the passengers and the police, are revealed
Content Minor drug dealers are shot, to show how ruthless the boss is. The casino employee spends time with his sick daughter and estranged wife. A firefight takes place during the robbery. A lot of tension in the bus with interaction particularly between the robbers and the good and bad police people. There is a bit of almost nudity and some smoking.
A View It seems that the well known names were recruited to give what is a very lightweight film a bit of heft, their parts only having required them to be on set for a few days – or hours. There is at least one plot hole, described on IMDb as a   “gross error”, but we should not worry about it, since the film is a collection of clichés anyway – but because of that, quite watchable. It’s only an hour and a half!

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