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Moon (2009)

Duration 1h 37m Rating (UK) 15
Source of story An original screenplay
Writers/Script Nathan Parker
Additional Info The story developed by the director, apparently with Sam Rockwell in mind.
Director Duncan Jones
Starring Sam Rockwell, Kevin Spacey, Benedict Wong
Elevator Pitch In a world post petroleum a company mines an energy source on the moon and sends the results back to earth. It is an automated process, only requiring a single human on a three year contract to fix things when they go wrong, and to dispatch the earthbound payloads, with the assistance of a computer. The man sends messages, and receives some from his wife back on earth, but when an accident results in what seems to be his clone appearing in the moon base, things may not be quite what they seem.
Content The man interacts with the computer which sounds a bit like HAL. He travels out onto the moon surface in a type of buggy visiting the large mobile mining devices. He and the clone – if that is what it is – argue, fight and then co-operate. One very slighty sexy scene (in a dream), but no nudity drinking or drugs.
A View I saw this originally in the cinema and it was equally rewarding on a second viewing. It just shows what can be done if you start off accepting your limited budget and work within it. It was nominated for and won quite a few awards but did not seem to make much money. Nevertheless well worth your time amongst the dross available on TV and download.

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