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Action, Drama - Conspiracy

Clear and Present Danger (1994)

Duration 2h 21m Rating (UK) 12
Source of story A book of the same name by Tom Clancy
Writers/Script Donald E Stewart, Steven Zaillian, John Milius
Additional Info At one point a large house is blown up, apparently done for real using the house of a divorcee who wished to erase bits of her previous life.
Director Phillip Noyce
Starring Harrison Ford, Willem Dafoe, Anne Archer, Joaquim de Almeida, Harris Yulin, Donald Moffat, Miguel Sandoval, Benjamin Bratt, Raymond Cruz, James Earl Jones, Clark Gregg
Elevator Pitch When the family of a friend of the US President is killed, he initiates a covert action in Colombia against the drug lords, without the knowledge of the CIA Deputy Director of Intelligence, Jack Ryan. But when the whole plot begins to unravel it is up to Ryan to attempt to rescue the American soldiers abandoned in the jungle.
Content Covert discussions by officials in Washington, some computer stuff (quite primitive in 2018). A lot of action in the jungle and in the drug lord’s luxurious accommodation and drug factories. A dramatic attack on a US government convoy and one sophisticated aerial attack. So quite a bit of gunfire and several explosions. No nudity or sex, or drinking or drug use.
A View This is a well constructed traditional action thriller, well liked in its day by the critics. It made quite a bit of money, and the use of the military is pretty effective. Worth watching, even today, if you like that sort of thing.

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