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Action, Drama - Terrorism

Executive Decision (1996)

Duration 2h 13m Rating (UK) 13
Source of story An original screenplay
Writers/Script Jim Thomas, John Thomas
Additional Info Marla Marples was married to Donald Trump at the time of the production. Steven Seagal refused to have his head explode and Halle Berry was paid one million dollars for appearing in what was quite a small part.
Director Stuart Baird
Starring Kurt Russell. Steven Seagal, Halle Berry, John Leguizamo, Oliver Platt, David Suchet, Marla Marples, J.T.Walsh
Elevator Pitch A 747 en route from Athens to Washington is taken over by a group of terrorists, and to make things worse it has a large quantity of Russian nerve gas with an explosive trigger in the cargo hold. The only answer appears to be to introduce a groups of special forces soldiers onto the plane using a secret stealth aircraft, but once there can they save the day?
Content The American version of COBRA meet to decide what to do. The special aircraft connects with the plane. Lots of tension as the troops board. Thereafter virtually the whole film with the soldiers sneaking about in the dark recesses of the 747 while they try to regain control. The bomb is difficult to defuse. US Navy F14s get in on the act.
A View I, like Roger Ebert, sat up and took interest when Steven Seagal was dispatched after fifteen minutes, and thereafter it was rivetting as the soliders played cat and mouse with the terrorists. I’m a sucker for military aircraft in movies as well, so it ticks the boxes for me. Good fun, and worth a watch.

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