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Action, Drama - Conspiracy

Come and Find Me (2016)

Duration 1h 52m Rating (USA) R
Source of story An original screenplay
Writers/Script Zack Whedon
Additional Info The hunt ends up in Vancouver, for once playing itself.
Director Zack Whedon
Starring Aaron Paul, Annabelle Wallis, Garret Dillahunt,
Elevator Pitch The photographer girlfriend of a young graphic designer disappears, but after a year he is able to find a hidden roll of film, which when developed leads him on a chase to find her. A number of subversive figures are interested in the photographs, leading him into situations from which he is unlikely to emerge uninjured, or even alive.
Content The lovers do things together, and throughout the film there are flashbacks to their relationship sometimes providing clues to what is to happen. The hero finds himself in many threatening situations in which there is tension. A bit of a car chase and one shootout. A bit of snogging, but no sex, nudity serious drinking or drugs.
A View This film had limited release and although it got a positive review from Rotten Tomatoes, not many people seem to have seen it. It’s OK even if the final denoument is just a little bit disappointing, not quite matching the mystery developed during the first two acts.

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