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Alternative Reality, Combat - WWII

Inglourious Basterds (2009)

Duration 2h 33m Rating (UK) 18
Source of story An original screenplay
Writer/s Script Quentin Tarantino
Additional Info The director said that it had taken him ten years to write this script – I select this snippet from the endless items of trivia available on websites relating to the film.
Director Quentin Tarantino (and Eli Roth of the film within the film)
Starring Brad Pitt, Mélanie Laurent, Christoph Waltz, Eli Roth, Michael Fassbender, Diane Kruger, Mike Myers, Rod Taylor, Léa Seydoux,
Elevator Pitch The film follows the fortunes of a young woman who escapes from the massacre of her parents in France in 1941, plus those of a group of American soldiers reeking mayhem behind enemy lines, and those of an English spy, all of whom have designs on the leaders of the Third Reich
Content There is a lot of talking in French, German and English in a farmer’s house, a German wood, a bar and a cinema, mostly leading up to a sudden burst of extreme violence with a variety of weapos, but the Schmeiser machine gun figures a lot. Some drinking one brief sex scene but no nudity.
A View I saw this in the cinema, and now on my wide screen TV but on neither occasion have I liked it much. But it must just be me, the critics and nearly all the general public liked it a lot and it is No 99 in the IMDb list, so it could be a watch for you as well, that is unless you find your likes and dislikes have corresponded with mine.

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