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Drama - Family

Maudie (2017 in Spain)

Duration 1h 55m Rating (UK) 12A
Source of story “Inspired by” real events, although there has been a book and a stage play about the woman.
Writer/s Script Sherry White
Director Aisling Walsh
Starring Sally Hawkins, Ethan Hawke, Kari Matchett, Gabrielle Rose, Zachary Bennett
Elevator Pitch An itinerant fisherman who lives in a shack miles from town advertises for a housemaid, and is surprised when there is a response from an arthritic woman. He is advised to hire her, and so he does, but treats her badly. But despite her physical problems she is a determined and good humoured character, wjho after taking up painting becomes something of a celebrity.
Content The relationship between the pair is mostly illustrated by their treks across the landscape, together, apart, on a cart behind a cart or in the pickup of the time. Maudie cleans, cooks and paints, and sleeps next to the man who becomes her husband in the roof of the shack. There is implied sex.
A View It might help to read about this painter, and the shack, in itself a good story. Predicably a low cost drama shot in St John’s, Newfoundland (suitably bleak and attractive). Much loved already by the critics and there will be more I think. You could afford to snooze for a bit without losing track of the plot, so not everybody’s cup of tea.

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