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Drama - Conspiracy, Drama - Spies

Body of Lies (2008)

Duration 2h 8m Rating (UK) 15
Source of story A novel of the same name by David Ignatius
Writer/s Script William Monahan
Director Ridley Scott
Starring Leonardo DiCaprio, Russell Crowe, Mark Strong, Golshifteh Farahani, Oscar Isaac, Simon Mc Burney, Michael Stuhlbarg,
Elevator Pitch A field agent based in Jordan tries to run a terrorist leader, who has been responsible for bomb blasts in Europe, to earth. His controller in Langley is constantly impatient with his progress, and the leader of the Jordanian secret service may, or may not,be on his side.
Content A terrific set piece in the desert involving SUVs and helicopters. Most time spent in the gritty underbelly of Amman and in the related secret service buildings. Many views from surveillance aircraft as the activities of the participants in the drama are monitored. Some gunfights with automatic weapons, some torture. No drugs or nudity, but people drink beer.
A View I’m with the general public here. We all quite liked it although to be honest, it was a bit difficult to follow the labyrinthine plot at times. The initial fifteen minutes was stunning, the director at his best, and comparatively the rest was just a bit flat, but Ok if you ike that sort of thing.

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