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Batman 8: The Dark Knight Rises

Released 2012 Rating (UK) 12
Source of story DC Comics and directly the previous Batman films
Writer/s Script Jonathan Nolan, Christopher Nolan
Writer/s Story Christopher Nolan, David S Goyer, Bob Kane (characters)
Director Christopher Nolan
Starring Christian Bale, Gary Oldman, Tom Hardy, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Anne Hathaway, Marion Cotillard, Morgan Freeman, Michael Caine
Elevator Pitch Years after, Harvey Dent’s crimes are blamed on Batman and Bruce Wayne has become a recluse. But Batman is forced out of retirement by the arrival of the super villain Bane who takes over Gotham. Bruce is imprisoned by Bane as a form of living death, but has trusted a female acquaintance with much of the Wayne finances. He had also become involved with a female burglar – possiby Catwoman. Bruce escapes from the prison and returns to Gotham. Can he overcome the evil forces intent on its destruction?
Content Some exotic set pieces right from the start. Much hand to hand combat, particularly between Batman and Bane. Plenty of Catwoman looking slinky and riding that motorbike thing. Scenes in the prison which appears to be just outside Jodpur. At various points Batman flying “The Bat”. No sex, nudity, swearing or drug taking.
A View Just a basic point to clear up regarding motivation, Bane and someone else are working for the “League of Shadows” with the objective of the destruction of Gotham City. I saw this in the cinema and was not too keen, and it did not get better on my wide screen TV, although I liked Alfred. A lot of violence apparently without recourse to Batman’s arsenal of special weaponry – why not? Because that would have spoilt the plot. It cost a lot, but grossed more than a billion dollars!

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