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2010 - 2012, Drama - Crime


Released 2013 Rating (UK) 15
Source of story An original screen play
Writer/s script Joe Ahern, John Hodge
Writer/s story Joe Ahern (Who made a TV film of it in 2001)
Director Danny Boyle
Starring James McAvoy, Rosario Dawson, Vincent Cassell, Danny Sapani, Matt Cross
Elevator Pitch A young fine art auctioneer with gambling debts makes an arrangement with a villain to steal a Goya from the auction house. In the melee created by the robbery he fails to hand over the painting, but cannot remember what he has done with it. After failing to get the truth out of him under torture a hypnotherapist is hired by the gang, apparently at random, to regress him into the event and so to find out where the painting is.
Content Most of the film spent with the young man in a trance, eventually neither he (or us) being able to distinguish his hypnotised state from reality. Some real torture. Some real and imagined violence. Some real and imagined sex and nudity.
A View I saw this originally in the cinema and thought it was OK, but remember Danny Boyle being interviewed by a critic and both of them deciding that it was lightweight stuff, which is probably true since the capabilities of the hypnotherapist to make people remember or forget are pretty far fetched. Probably worth you time if you are going to watch it for very little or nothing and are not put off by fairly explicit female nudity.

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