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Comedy - YA

Without a Paddle (2): Nature’s Calling

Released 2009 Rating PG13
Director Ellory Elkayem Writer/s Stephen Mazur
Starring Oliver James, Kristopher Turner, Rik Young
Source of story A sequel to the original “Without a Paddle”.
Elevator Pitch Two young men in search of adventure pursue the object of a schoolboy crush into the backwoods of Oregon, where she and a female friend are camping out at one with nature. They have a friend with them who owes money, and as a result they are chased by men with guns.
Content Some exciting whitewater rafting, a bit of almost semi-nudity with two girls in a bathtub, some gunfire. Some excrement jokes (which I honestly can’t describe).
A View The first act of the film breezes along, and it looks OK, but once they find the girls in their tree house the plot completely runs out, and as for the gunfire, why? Low budget, straight to video and honestly not worth your time.

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