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Action, Sci-Fi - Aliens

John Carter (of Mars)

Released 2012 Rating 12A
Director Andrew Stanton Writer/s Andrew Stanton, Mark Andrews
Starring Taylor Kitsch, Lynn Collins, Willem Dafoe, Samantha Morton
Source of story “Princess of Mars” by Edgar Rice Burroughs (1912)
Elevator Pitch An American Civil War veteran is mysteriously transferred to the planet Mars where he finds he had super capabilities and beomes embroiled in conflicts between a race of four armed green people and humanoids, and involved with a princess who is to be married off against her will.
Content A lot of jumping about and swordfighting. The princess is mainly clad in armour and garments reminiscent of those worn by “principle boys” in UK pantomimes – revealing but not very sexy. The flying machines are a bit Flash Gordonish.
A View There seemed to be a lot of special effects which did not have much bearing on the plot – to the point that it was difficult to tell what was going on. And it had trouble deciding whether it was “camp” or not. I felt I should watch it to decide whether I was in the “for” or “against” John Carter group. Well, cut out twenty minutes of pointless diversion and it might have been OK. It cost zillions and lost many of them.

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