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Action, Drama - Conspiracy

Killer Elite

Released 2011 Rating 15 in UK
Director Gary McKendry Writer/s Matt Sherring
Starring Jason Statham, Clive Owen, Robert De Nero
Source of story A book by (Sir) Ranulph Fiennes called “The Feather Men” perporting to be a true story.
Elevator Pitch A retired professional assassin is drawn back into action when his mentor is imprisoned by a sheik in Oman and is threatened with death unless the assassin eliminates four ex-SAS soldiers who have been involved in the deaths of the sheik’s sons. In turn a secret group whose role is to protect the SAS becomes involved.
Content There are a lot of explosions, and gunfights with automatic weapons and hand guns, some moderate car chases and a lot of martial arts type fights. Not anything remotely sexual, or even sexy.
A View If you like Jason Statham films this one is OK, although not his best. The story about the book is almost more interesting than the film – worth looking up, and much discussion on the internet seems to have related to the very odd car numbers on the 1980s cars. I have owned cars in the 1980s in UK and can confirm that these are not the right sort of numbers.

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